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Video Room Etiquette

To make sure both students and hosts get the most out of the career cafe session, it's important that everyone understands the ground rules for video rooms.

For small rooms

  • For small rooms (less than 5 students), the conversation flows as it would at a face-to-face fair.
  • Students can ask questions for hosts about the university and the graduate program.
  • Hosts can choose to screen share and run through a presentation, do a walking tour around the office, or just answer questions as they come.

For large rooms

  • For large  groups (more than 5 students), the discussion is moderated by the host or a representative by picking questions from  a list submitted in the video chat log.
  • When a question is selected from the list, they host representative can ask the student to repeat the question before answering it.

Room control

  • All participants will be muted by default, to reduce background noise.
  • The host representative has control of the video room and can ask people to leave or eject them out if they are being disruptive.
  • Please be respectful of the host and other students throughout the fair.
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